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Post  lapuk on Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:45 pm

Virus: a Program that can replicate themselves and affect a normal computer operation without the userís knowledge or permission.

Polymorphic Virus: a virus that keep changing its signature every time it replicates and infects a new file.

Worm: a program that is capable of replicating and spreading to various other systems without the need of a host file.

Trojan: a program that contains or installs a malicious program though it appear to be a genuine one.

Spyware: a type of software that collects personal information about the users without knowledge or permission.

Adware: a software that are capable of playing, displaying
or downloading advertising material automatically to a computer after
it is installed on it.

Backdoor: a program that can bypass normal authentication to gain remote access to a computer and remain hidden.

Botnet: It is a network of computers controlled by a Bot developer.

Rootkit: These software tools hide some malicious running processes, files or system data from the operating system.

Key-Logger: It is a program that is used to capture the userís keystrokes.

Fraudulent Dialers: a program that installs a malicious program.

Phishing: a fake website appearing to be a genuine one in order to extract personal details from users.

Pharming: Pharming is aimed to redirect a web siteís traffic to another


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